United Home School

Uniting Home Schoolers in Livingston County


"We are stewards of our domain"

Each family should sign up for 3 jobs PER SESSION

  • One job must be either A.M set up, Lunch or P.M clean up

  • If you are unable to commit and would prefer a buy-out

  • you can pay $40 each session and we will find someone to fulfill your requirements.

  • 10 full days of classes each session, three sessions

  • 5 main jobs areas that need to be done - some by the hour - some by the job

  • These jobs can be done by adults or responsible teenagers (13+)

  • Have your teen (13+) sign in when they arrive. They will be used accordingly to need.

Many hands make light work!

  1. A.M set up 2-3 families per day

    Begin at 9:00 a. m/end approx 9:30 a. m.
    Help bring in snack supplies and set up
    Monitor and help students and families find their way
    Set up 4 large tables and chairs in room #4
    No Loitering, students must be in a classroom or the gathering area.

(2) During/After lunch clean up 2-3 families per day

Begin at 12:00 p. m./ end approx 12:45 p. m.
walk around during lunch and remind people to clean up their own messes
and leave their area neat and tidy
empty full trash and take to the dumpster/replace bags where needed
wipe down tables
sweep gathering area of any debris

(3) P.M Clean up 2-3 families per day 

Begin at 3:15 p. m/end approx 3:45 p. m
Wipe down tables in classrooms, make sure chairs are neat and orderly
If trash in rooms is full, empty and replace bags
Make sure windows are secure and locked
Check restrooms for neat and tidiness
sweep gathering room floor
take trash to dumpster
pack up snacks and supplies
Gather all un-claimed items and put in "lost & found" box

(4) Main hall monitor 6 hrs per day

keep hallways quiet
No loitering allowed
No running allowed
direct kids to go where they belong
keep an eye out for "strangers" and question their presence or show them to the Director of Religious Education, Marie.

(5) Snack counter help 1-6 hrs per day

purchase supplies before each Friday
collect money for and order pizza
pizza pick up (or have someone else do)
cut up pizza and disperse
sell & monitor snack area

***Final check..... and run through should make sure all windows
are shut and locked, make sure trash cans are not overflowing,
and bathrooms are clean and tidy.

Things to Remember..........

Teachers will be the last check of their room at the end of the day.
Make students be responsible for their own things.
When eating in the lunchroom, pick up after yourselves.
When using the restrooms leave it clean for the next person.
If you see kids misbehaving, make them stop.

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