United Home School

Uniting Home Schoolers in Livingston County

Welcome to United Home School

 It is the intent of this group to offer enrichment classes to
ALL home school families in the Livingston County area.

We are an all volunteer group, where everyone helps the group run smoothly.
Teachers are paid for their services directly from the parents.
More like tutors, where they meet each week to discuss lessons and go over homework.
The student is responsible for doing all the work at home.  
Again, we hold classes for enrichment purposes only.

UHS is not a school.

 UHS is currently looking for a facility 

for the 2015/2016 school year

If you have any location possibilities, please contact Margo - [email protected] 


 Are available for families to participate with United Home School. These scholarships would be available for those that are facing over and above the normal everyday hardships we all face. It can include the family registration fee, as well as class costs. Each candidate will be evaluated separately and decisions based on each circumstance. Anyone can recommend a family for this. It will be kept strictly confidential. Submit your nominee to me at, [email protected]


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